uTorrent Beta (µTorrent)

This free and easy to use software allows you to download multiple torrent files to your PC

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uTorrent Beta is an extremely lightweight, fast and powerful BitTorrent client available on PC and Mac. This torrent program really sets itself apart from the competition by aiming for the advanced user market. Users who have experience with torrent clients and require advanced functionality, such as scheduling, auto-downloading, bandwidth prioritization and protocol encryption will find that uTorrent has everything they could want and more. uTorrent Beta is a lightweight program and requires only 6MB of system memory to operate efficiently, even while providing all of the services mentioned above. Users quickly forget the program is even running, which is very uncommon for BitTorrent clients.

uTorrent Already Has Plenty Of Experience

The great thing about the uTorrent Beta program is that uTorrent is no stranger to the BitTorrent market. The client was originally released in 2005 and has since grown to be the most popular torrent client anywhere in the world--excluding China. Their beta variation of this popular client is simply the next step in new features, functionality and fixes. Users who are eager to stay ahead of the technological curve are never satisfied sticking with the “stable” release, which is why the flock to the beta versions. In time, the current beta will become the new stable version and a new beta will be released. Sticking with the beta version means you get to enjoy the latest features before everyone else.

What To Expect From uTorrent Beta

With all this talk of great features, you’re probably wondering what they actually are. The uTorrent client comes with all of the features you could possible need to seed, share and download torrents. DHT and peer tracking is fully supported and helps make downloading torrents faster than ever. If your ISP blocks or limit’s the amount of bandwidth you can put towards uTorrent, then you’ll love their protocol encryption feature, which allows you to easily bypass these limitations.


  • Does not hog system memory.
  • Constantly updated with new fixes and upgrades.
  • All of the features advanced users love.


  • No explanation of many features.
  • More bugs than the stable release.
  • Free version includes advertisements.

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